Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Difficult choices seem to be surrounding me now and I can no longer wait to see what will happen. Take this leave that, move here move there the options are endless. I don't think I have ever in my life been so indecisive about so many things. There are serious changes that need to be addressed.

I will be moving on soon. Moving in so many ways that are foreign to me. I guess this will be a good thing because since my breast cancer diagnosis I have been forced to follow other people's plans for my life and so I am out of practice at making decisions even when matters call for my immediate attention.

I remember back to my more capable days when my arms and legs flew in every direction as I managed my life. Running from meeting to meeting, organizing, planning and never happy unless I had five projects going all at the same time, I was the original multi-tasker.

Cancer has brought things into focus and made me realize what is truly important. The lessons it has taught me are as endless as the decisions that need to be made. I have wasted a lot of time through my life on things that really didn't matter. A friend of mine put it so well, "Get rid of everything that no longer serves you." That phrase has become my new mantra.

Choices abound and rather than feeling bogged down by them I should welcome them and welcome the change they bring. A chance for so many new adventures.


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